Top Trends at Frieze London, According to Instagram

by Michael Anthony Farley on October 5, 2016 Art Fair + slideshow

Pink is the new black #frieze2016 #pink #artfair #art #london

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We’re not in London for the 14th Frieze art fair, which opens to the public tomorrow. But VIP preview guests have already thoroughly documented the fair via social media. Just what trends are catching the eyes of these discerning Instagrammers? Anything and everything pink, installations that harken back to the days before Brick Lane felt like a high-end high street, genitals (obviously), shelving (less obviously), and one very popular living blow-up-doll.

Pink Stuff:

A fun house selfie-magnet to rose-tint one’s body dysmorphia? Yawn.

OK, you can have any #colour so long as it’s #pink ! #contemporaryart #contemporary #friezelondon

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I’m going to be honest, I am a little over the whole “grouping found objects by color” craze (why is this even a thing?). But Portia Munson’s inclusion of this sticker made it all worthwhile:

Spotted on the Pink Table #portiamunson #pinktable 💗 #frieze #art #fair #london #art #week 🇬🇧 #instafrieze

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#toreythornton at #frieze

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Duh ✌🏼 #frieze #friezelondon #previewnight #feminist @friezeartfair

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A neon by Yael Bartana. Amazing. I’d love to see a giant version of this on the facade of the New Museum.

The Vernacular Streetscape:

Are artists missing pre-gentrification London?

signs #friezelondon #rampaistanbul

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Genitals are perennially popular:

Honestly had no idea what this was at first… 🙈🙄😳🇬🇧

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Oh Ello Sailor #friezeweek #friezelondon #previewnight

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Storage solutions as art:

Nostalgia for bookshelves in the era of the e-book? Sculpture for people who don’t have much floorspace? Whatever the motivation, shelving is very in right now.

Hans Op de Beeck at Marianne Boesky Gallery #friezeweek #friezelondon

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#edmunddewaal #gagosian #gagosiangallery #friezeartfair #friezelondon

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#samaragolden #london #friezelondon #buditek #michelletek

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Pandemonia Panacea:

Oh, hiya @pandemonia99 just casually taking in the art at #frieze

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London personality Pandemonia Panacea, “The World’s most famous inflatable human” made more cameos in Instagrams from the VIP preview than even the shiniest #artselfie pieces. For that alone, Frieze London looks about 100x cooler than its almost-always disappointing sister fair in New York.

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