This Week’s Must-See Art Events: How’s About Some Hot Stuff Baby This Evening?

by Michael Anthony Farley on July 3, 2017 Events


Happy Fourth of July!

Everyone probably has cookout plans, but we’ve scoured around to find some nice indoor activities for the days you’ll be spending sunburnt after the holiday (and even an excuse tonight to be hungover on your day off). It may seem like there’s slim-art-pickings in the dog days of Summer, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much is still going on at smaller spaces.

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Friends and Lovers

641 Classon Ave
Brooklyn, NY
9:00 P.M. - 2:00 P.M. Website

Sixth Annual Donna Summer Memorial Disco Party

Okay, this is not strictly an “art event” but it is awesome and you’re allowed to be hungover on the 4th of July. Go dance to disco and think about how amazing Donna Summer is. Even those of us feeling less than patriotic these days need something to celebrate, and I for one propose “Hot Stuff” as our national anthem.


Con Artist Collective & Gallery

119 Ludlow Street
New York, NY
7:00 P.M. - 11:00 P.M.Website


Here’s a group show featuring collage. We don’t know what artists are in this show, or if it will be any good. It is simply the only art opening in all of Manhattan (that we’re aware of) on Wednesday night. Happy July!


yours mine & ours

54 Eldridge Street
New York, NY
6:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M. Website

The Roger Ailes Memorial Show: Fair and Balanced

When Roger Ailes died earlier this year, ousted from his own network FOX News by scandal, he left behind a legacy that changed the world. We probably have that asshole to thanks for the toxic political climate and culture at large of willful, vitriolic ignorance. What will an art show about that legacy look like? Probably one fraught with anxiety and alienation from the shitty world we live in.

Artists: Amy Bessone, Ria Brodell, Taylor Davis, Rochelle Feinstein, Nash Glynn, Cindy Hinant, Jane Fox Hipple, Sam Jablon, Tony Lewis, Gregory Lofthouse, Anahid Mishek, Hannah Rowan, Karen Schwartz, Siebren Versteeg, Allison Wade, Nicole Wittenberg, The Estate of David Wojnarowicz

Flux Factory

39-31 29th Street
Queens, NY
6:00 P.M. - 9:00 P.M.Website

Tongue Tide

Queens is the most language-dense place on the planet. This show. curated by Flux Artist-in-Residence Christina Freeman and Curator-in-Residence Emireth Herrera, is all about language and it’s strange powers. The opening reception features The Blue Bus Project, and performances by Martha Wilson, Irene Chan and JeviJoe Vitug. Martha Wilson will be performing her famous Donald Trump impersonation, so this is a can’t-miss!

Artists: Amela Parcic & Marija Draskic, Amira Hanafi, The Blue Bus Project, Bibi Calderaro, Carlos Salas, Eugenio De Giovanni Pizzorno, Graciela Cassel, Grayson Earle, Heather Kapplow & Ernie Kim, Helen Lee, Irene Chan, Jean Barberis & Daupo, Jevijoe Vitug, J Triangular, Katie Murray, Kristin McIver, Magali Duzant, Masoom Moitra, Maribel Plasencia, Martha Wilson, Michal Dzitko, Nina Ross, P A L / Pilipinx American Library, Patricia Silva, Purgatory Pie Press, Rashedul Deepon & Dan Silverman, and Xenia Diente


Cuchifritos Gallery + Project Space

120 Essex St
New York, NY
6:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M. Website

Sweety's Radio: Edición Especial ft Raul Gonzalez III

Sweety’s Radio continues its takeover of Cuchifritos with Latinx-centric programming informed by the neighborhood’s history as a home to immigrant communities. This week, Raul Gonzalez III will join collective member Julia Mata in conversation (with a DJ set too!). Gonzalez will be presenting an interactive drawing installation and works from his “Lowriders in Space” series, which is exactly what it sounds like. Awesome.


220 East 60th Street
New York, NY
7:00 P.M. - 10:00 P.M.

Cindy Hinant: Celebrity Sex Tapes / Aquarium Videos

Cindy Hinant’s video works are a satisfying mash-up of pop culture trash and high minimalism. Think monochromatic frames interjected with audio from “One Night in Paris” (the Hilton heiress’s sex tape) and the Kardashian brood hawking diet pills.

This is also a cool opportunity to check out LIT, a new pop-up gallery in a former light bulb store.



286 Stanhope Street
Brooklyn, NY
6:00 P.M. - 9:00 P.M. Website


This two-person show combines large paintings by Andy Brown and installation elements by Gabriel Hurier. Brown’s work presents a surreal desert landscape and Hurier’s hanging pieces reference imagined celestial bodies. This ought to be trippy.



19 Monroe Street
New York, NY
7:00 P.M. - 9:00 P.m. Website

Maresa Carney: Port Manteau

Maresa Carney’s paintings have a strange energy—at times feeling illustration-like or informed by Latin magical realist murals. Others feel expressive and painterly. We’re not sure what the work in this show is going to look like, but we’re curious.

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