Learn by Doing.

Writers get better by writing. Bright, educated, hardworking people need to be given a chance to excel, and they need to be encouraged to show off. That’s what our editorial fellowships are about: giving you a platform to develop your skills with first-class editors and a huge network of connections, so that you leave AFC ready to make us proud. Speaking of which—

Our fellows go places.

Over the past three years, we’ve taken on more than ten fellows, each of whom have gone on to take paid positions.

  • Four of them write about art full-time.
  • Two of them work full-time at museums.
  • One of them started her own PR firm.
  • One of them works full-time in advertising.

Every single one of them is employed— And those are just the folks that left. A year after he came to AFC, Will Brand was speaking at a conference in Saint-Petersburg. A year after they came to AFC, Whitney Kimball and Corinna Kirsch were receiving grants to tour Denmark. Cool things happen when you work with AFC, and cooler things happen after.

Get in touch.

Are you smart, enthusiastic, and interested in making criticism cool? Do you have a lot to say, and the skills to say it well? If so, you should send us your CV, a cover letter, and a writing sample or two. If we like you, you’ll be joining a community of writers at an award-winning nonprofit working together to make art writing better. If you want to run this town, let us be your first step. Drop us a line: internships@artfagcity.com

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