Judith Braun, A Supplementary Biography

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Judith Braun, Image via: Poptower.


Judith Braun began studying art in 1965, which was when contestant Abdi Farah was 21 years unborn. She has four related art degrees and since 2005 has shown at multiple art fairs, including Frieze, ARCO, PULSE, NADA and Art Brussels. Included in Marcia Tucker’s “Bad Girls,” at the New Museum, works before her hiatus in the late 90’s carried heavy feminist themes. Her current art is more reserved then those of the past, meaning that during Work of Art she probably won’t be installing any 13 foot blue penis photographs (complete with semen teardrop). But never say never!

judith braun, art fag city
Judith Braun, Symmetrical Procedures

Judith’s inclusion in Marcia Tucker’s “Bad Girls” at the New Museum is the highlight of her career, however this show is certainly a close second. Though she bounced back after leaving the art world due to “life changes” and “immediate need of finances” not detailed further on her websites, very few exhibitions since her return have been notable.

There are similarities between a few of the contestents and Judith. Like Nao Bustamante, Judith has made a shirt that says something I don’t need to read.  And like Jaclyn, Judith’s work has stemmed from the feminist perspective. Here’s to hoping that last similarity is discussed heatedly!

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