Kathryn Parker Almanas, a Supplementary Biography

Kathryn Parker Almanas, Image via Poptower.

For a minute there, we forgot how much we missed the formal sophistication that one would expect of a Yale MFA Photography grad. Given her sterling degrees, her freelance work, and her exhibition record (among which were Jen Bekman and Danziger Projects), Kathryn Parker Almanas was on her way to an art career without the help of the show.


Kathryn ranks high on the cred meter.  After earning a BFA from MassArt and an MFA from Yale in Photography in 2007, she has begun to build a respectable freelance portfolio and has been featured in several solo and group shows, including one at Danzinger Projects. She has been commissioned by Time Magazine, New York Magazine, Details, and Culture + Travel and has been mentioned in Artforum. She won the Alice Kimball travel fellowship (the largest of Yale's endowment grants), and in 2010, she was the runner-up for the Aperture Portfolio Prize.

Kathryn Parker Almanas, from the series "Pre-Existing Condition" (2010)


She's been commissioned by several major magazines to make gut-like food photographs that look like radiant Baroque paintings.


Her eye for color, lighting, and composition blows all the other contestants out of the water.  Sadly, her artiness makes her a standalone in this competition.


The Freak.


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