Mark Velasquez, A Supplementary Biography

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Mark Velasquez, Image via: Poptower.


Here's a problematic quote from Mark Velasquez: “I never go in expecting to win things. I've been rejected from enough shows and galleries and women to know you can't win them all.” Mark, a humble small town man, has a tendency to incorporate women into sentences and situations in the strangest ways. What line of thinking led him to say he'd been rejected by shows, galleries… and women? How is a woman something to win?

Mark holds a BFA, which should assist his discussion of the tumblr blog he maintains comprised primarily of posts features small town, teenage-looking females with his captions, “How could anyone not love her?” Who said these girls aren’t loved, and why are these captions under a good majority of the girls photographed?

All knowledge of Mark through his online sites and show previews have only brought up questions, which will hopefully be addressed during the show. Work of Art is Mark’s first chance to find credibility, and unless he has a clearer defense of blatant denial to exploiting these girls he won’t garner any.

With three vague exhibitions listed on his website, we're going to say that his participation in Work of Art is about as good as he's got.

The consistently congenial demeanor of Mark may be tested when judges and fellow artists press him on his works content. There is something ugly underneath all of that funny self-depreciation and if the judges can provoke him enough to let that out it will certainly make for great television. This shouldn't be confused however with great art.

Mr. Creepy Nice Guy