Miles Mendenhall: A Supplementary Biography

Miles Mendenhall, art fag city, bravo
Miles Mendenhall, Image via: Poptower


A recent grad from the University of Minnesota, Miles Mendenhall looks like a fetus compared to art world veterans like contestants John and Judith. He’s got two really different styles; The black and white screenprints, (accomplished), and the crazy pop art, now no longer listed on his website 🙁

Miles Mendenhall is the winner of a Jerome printmaking residency, which is no small deal in the art world. He's got some chops, though he's also 23 and therefore a little young to fully assign said chops.

Miles Mendenhall, art fag city
Miles Mendenhall, Screenprint on Rives BFK, 32 x 41

Jerome printmaking residency acknowledged, Mendenhall's previous great achievement was a solo exhibition at Fox Tax last year. The gallery website also offers links so readers can inform themselves about the wonderful world of tax law.

After meeting Sara Jessica Parker he asked, “And who are you?” He’s got the perfect combination of arrogance and charm. Also, he's a little OCD, a character trait not only played up in the editing of the first show, but the subject of controversy when L’Etoile magazine’s LOL/OMG blog published rumors he was exaggerating the condition. He denied those allegations and the post was pulled.

The token OCD artist.

BONUS SHOW PREDICTION: We suspect this artist might go far in the show. He’s obviously intelligent, and based on the first episode, his humor’s such that he’ll provide pretty good entertainment.