Ryan Shultz, A Supplementary Biography

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Ryan Shultz, Image via: Poptower


A 2009 MFA graduate of Northwestern University, Ryan's career is fledgling at best. He's a bad photorealistic painter focusing on the excess of hipster youth. His facebook photo album documents the exact same thing. Art world cred so far? Zero.

Ryan Shultz, Ben, 2010, Oil on linen, 30 x 40 inches

According to Ryan Schultz's resume the artist recently participated in the National Wet Paint Exhibition at Zhou B. Art Center. Whether or not this was actually the case, this is the kind of show title that suggests “entry fee”, and a sign of the kind of amateurism the art world turns its nose up at. Better to look at Shultz’s facebook, which is currently comprised of status updates wholly relating to the show or career related events (like virtually everyone on the show).

A true product of art school Shultz talks art world bullshit like the best of them. “My work marries the present with the past” he says in his Bravo video, going on to describe the surface quality of his paintings to that of old masters. Ha! He also describes the genre of realism as an “important medium”. Here's hoping he doesn't get very far.

Unclear, but based on his facebook profile and art for now we'll describe him as The Hipster Lifestyle Artist

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