Sarah Kabot, a Supplementary Biography

Sarah Kabot, Image via Poptower

Don't be fooled by Sarah Kabot's Midwestern college professor exterior. Or, actually, do: she’s got her act together.  Sarah leads the pack in impressive New York gallery shows, articulation, and professionalism; unfortunately, this is may be her Achilles’ heel on reality TV.


She's had between two and seven shows every year since earning her BFA, including two at Mixed Greens, one at Dieu Donne, one at the Drawing Center, and one at Smack Mellon.


As for the work, her institutionalism may be her downfall.  Though her artist's statement demonstrates a thorough understanding of what she's doing, her abstractions don't speak to much other than the process of abstraction; this is exactly what defeated Miles in last year's competition.

Sarah Kabot, Bunker 1 (detail), plastic, 2009


Though she's not the oldest on the show (that award goes to the Sucklord), Sarah far outstrips the rest in maturity. She may be the most competent of the bunch, but her work may be too predictable.


The Safe Bet.


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