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Should Artists Go To The Venice Biennale?

by Paddy Johnson on June 9, 2011
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Are biennales like art fairs – a quick way to kill an artist’s soul? I sometimes had this impression while I was in Venice last week, even though nothing is for sale. There’s a lot of art to see, sure, but more importantly, people to schmooze! Given that the day the Biennale opens to the public the crowds thin dramatically — this is same day the three-day advance press and VIP preview closes — it’s hard to think the show is mostly about the art.

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I Hate The British Pavilion

by Paddy Johnson on June 7, 2011
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Resting on the perch of a hill first visible from the entrance of the Giardini in Venice, The British Pavilion commands a lot of attention. It’s a grand location, and with the exception of the La Biennale building probably the best spot in the whole garden. As such, even for those who have never been to the Giardini, it’s probably not hard to imagine the kind of drama that ensues from seeing giant lines of people lined out front the pavilion. The angle of the hill makes the crowds look larger than they are, and there’s an element of anticipation that builds as the throng swells.

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