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An Air of Serenity: Postmasters Reopens

by Whitney Kimball on August 1, 2013
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“Desperate Art Galleries Give Up As Chelsea Rents Double” Bloomberg reported in February. Postmasters had just announced it would be priced out of its Chelsea home and galleries had begun to express worry that experimentation would stop with the rents so high. At the time, the gallery’s rent rose to $30,000/month, and its move, signaled the beginning of that neighborhood’s exodus: one more nail in Manhattan’s coffin as a viable place to live.

But on a warm July evening on Monday, all of that was light years behind us. Yet again, we packed into a new gallery, in a new district, with all the optimism of a fresh start.

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Some Astronomical Art Executive Salaries

by Clara Olshansky on July 9, 2013
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You know how museums and art institutions never seem to have enough money? Funny story about that: thanks to Bloomberg Businessweek, we know where some of their money’s going.

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