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On Taking AIM! The Business of Being An Artist Today

by Paddy Johnson on April 12, 2011
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Add Marysol Nieves “Taking AIM: The Business of Being An Artist Today” to the list of new resource books aimed at emerging artists. Published by Fordham University Press and The Bronx Museum of The Arts, the book begins with a long discussion of the Bronx Museum’s Artists in The Marketplace (AIM) with Executive Director Holly Block and former Program Facilitator Jackie Battenfield. A well-known and competitive professional training program for emerging artists, the interview reflected on the program, and kicks off a book celebrating AIM's 30th anniversary with a series of interviews, testimonials and commentary. Chapters are titled after profession, institution type, and any other cog in the New York art world’s wheel.

Occasionally stale albeit informative the first two chapters get off to a slow start. A low point was reached when Kate Gilmore offered “make good work” as sage advice to emerging artists. I'm sure this will solve all sorts of problems in studios across New York.

I’m not going to review the book in its entirety, as each essay and interview is significantly different than the next, but Anton Vidokle’s “Art Without Market” clearly stands out as worthy of reflection.

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