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NSFW GIF of the Hump Day: Auto-Fellatio Vertigo

by Michael Anthony Farley on November 25, 2015


This dizzying GIF depicts a spinning CGI bald man in the fetal position covering his eyes while he gives himself a BJ, exposing his butt hole in the process. Something about it, though, makes it feel more New-Age-y than pornographic. It could be that his hands look like they’re praying and he’s seemingly levitating over a serene pool of water. Or the fact that he’s spinning in such a manner that his toes form the points of a pentagram. Maybe it’s because this is what watching people do yoga is like?

At any rate, it’s a dude pleasuring himself who looks embarrassed. Gaze upon his shame after the jump. 

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How To Measure Jeff Koons’s Hammer Strength

by Paddy Johnson and Matthew Leifheit on June 13, 2014
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Nobody knows how to make money off their dick like Jeff Koons. Here’s a picture of him in this month’s Vanity Fair, naked, dick obscured, and lifting weights on the “Hammer Strength” machine. Yee haw!

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