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A People’s Monument to Anti-Displacement Organizing

by Betty Yu and Noah Fischer on April 18, 2016
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“Gentrification is displacement and replacement of people for profits”

-definition from the School of Echo Los Angeles

This definition of gentrification sits at the top of A People’s Monument to Anti-Displacement Organizing, a new collaboratively produced art piece that is viewable as a part of the Third Wave of the AgitProp! Show at the Brooklyn Museum. In the words of its curators, Agitprop! “connects contemporary art that advocates for social change with many activist movements throughout the 20th century,”

The Monument currently functions as a community educational board with a narrative that will change as actions or new information arises around Mayor de Blasio’s rezoning plans. It features a black-led activist group called Movement to Protect the People (MTOPP) that is struggling against rezoning in highlights in Crown Heights.

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Brooklyn Museum Curator Catherine Morris on “Six Years”

by Corinna Kirsch on August 3, 2012
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Six Years is a book of art-based lists that was compiled by curator and critic Lucy Lippard between 1966 and 1972. Now that book is being transformed into an exhibition, opening September 14th at the Brooklyn Museum’s Sackler Center. I caught up with Catherine Morris, one of the exhibition’s curators, about how the idea for the exhibition came about, what to expect, and the importance of launching historical surveys today. From description alone, this exhibition sounds like a breath of fresh air from the spectacle-driven exhibitions that have lately dotted the museum exhibition landscape.

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