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chris burden: extreme measures

The New Museum: Goodbye Rose, Hello Ghost Ship

by Clara Olshansky on August 1, 2013
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The New Museum’s façade is due for a makeover. On August 31st, the museum will take down Isa Genzken’s “Rose II”; that sculpture will be replaced, come October 2nd, with two large-scale works by Chris Burden, “Ghost Ship,” a remotely controlled ship, and “Two Small Skyscrapers,” which call to mind the twin towers. The sculptures will be unveiled in conjunction with “Chris Burden: Extreme Measures”, the museum’s major fall exhibition, and, as part of the museum’s Façade Sculpture Program, they will remain up for one year. These “two iconic works on the exterior of the Museum, […] will alter the visual landscape of Lower Manhattan.” While calling the works “iconic” before the public has even seen them is a little premature, they at least sound haunting.

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