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Happy Holidays From Art Fag City

by Paddy Johnson on December 24, 2011

The Johnson family farm, Christmas, 2007

I’m feeling a bit of nostalgia for the Johnson family farm this season since I won’t be making my normal trip up to Canada this year.  (My parents are in New Zealand for the holidays). It’s not often they receive a dusting of snow like this just before Christmas, but in 2007 I spent a good deal of time marveling at the like. Now when I look at the photographs I am struck by how little they capture of the trip. The snow was more sparkly, the landscape more awe inspiring, and my family more jovial. I’m not great with a camera, but also, its limitations are clear; it rarely represents duration of experience well.

There have been times when I would have found this frustrating, but today that imperfection makes those memories feel a little more distinct. Sometimes it’s nice to have experiences that are best shared in person. That won’t stop me from taking pictures today and tomorrow, but I probably won’t go crazy. And so, my wish to all AFC readers maps to my own desires; that our memories be a little less perfect and a little more special.

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This Christmas, Paint With Your Dick

by Whitney Kimball on December 1, 2011
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“Inspired by Yves Klein’s abstract expressionism and Andy Warhol’s performance art, Love Is Art puts the ‘ass’ in ‘high class art.'”

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