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Five Challenges to Curating Your Own Online Exhibition

by Daniel Temkin on July 8, 2016
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With the ever rising cost of real estate, the traditional format of an exhibition in a gallery is giving way to the infinite possibilities of online shows. Two Saturdays ago, I gave a workshop for AFC’s 21st Century Survival for Artist Series in which I discussed some of the challenges to curating in this medium. I’ve highlighted five below, but there’s enough work to be done in the medium that I could write several posts on the subject and still not be done. Consider this a primer.

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Sign Up for the AFC Workshops Today!

by The AFC Staff on May 4, 2016
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From URL to IRL, how does an artist stake out their territory in the 21st Century? By teaming up with peer-run initiatives outside the scope of traditional institutions to skillshare and collaborate. Enter, the Art F City Workshops, a series of courses led by artists, educators and art-world insiders designed to give artists the tools they need to get ahead. From learning how to make an online exhibition to figuring out a digital archiving plan for your artworks, these workshops will not only give attendees the skills they need to work in more digital mediums but help them to manage their art online and off.

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