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Putting Artists First at SATELLITE

by Paddy Johnson on December 5, 2015
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As I write this no less than six terrible karaoke singers are belting out “I will Always Love You”. This song and many others has been drifting down the halls of Artist-Run thanks to Stupid Bar, which oddly enough, is one of two bar installations at the Ocean Terrace Hotel. (Full disclaimer: Art F City’s F.A.G. Bar is the other installation and is situated next door.) A four foot mop of hair crawls through the hotel’s halls several times a day, as does a guy wearing a lamp shade for a hat and a telephone for a scarf, often followed by a seven-foot drag queen named Lazanya Ontre.

That’s just a whiff of what’s happening at Artist-Run at SATELLITE, an exhibition and curatorial project by Tiger Strikes Asteroid that invites artists to transform rooms in a derelict hotel called the Ocean Terrace into installations. You can actually feel the creative energy seep through the space, and after a week of looking at art safely quarantined in frames and vitrines, that feels nothing short of a miracle.

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Announcing F.A.G. and a New, Artist-Run Satellite Show in Miami

by Michael Anthony Farley on October 23, 2015
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We’re pleased to announce that Art F City is launching a new project space/curatorial platform called Fine Art Gallery. Fine Art Gallery will be primarily based out of Brooklyn, but we’re kicking off our programing with a booth in Tiger Strikes Asteroid’s Satellite Show during Art Basel Miami Beach 2015.

We’ll disclose more details about our project in the coming weeks, but we’re pretty excited about the new art fair, which will feature international artist-run spaces and collectives in Miami Beach’s defunct Ocean Terrace Hotel. Tiger Strikes Asteroid released the exhibitor list today, and we’re happy to report that it includes many of the galleries who participated in Baltimore’s Artist-Run Art Fair this summer, which we christened “The Art Fair that Doesn’t Suck”.

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Road Trip! AFC Goes to Philly

by Whitney Kimball on July 20, 2012
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Philadelphia has birthed a ton of emerging galleries in over the past couple of years, so of course, it was time to pay them a visit.

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