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ArtPrize Announces $20,000 in Grants for Artists

by Michael Anthony Farley on March 30, 2016
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ArtPrize, the Michigan-based public art competition, has announced a $20,000 fund to be distributed via “pitch nights” in four cities. Artists from those respective regions can attend these events in Durham, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, and Louisville and propose public artworks to a panel for the chance to secure $5,000 to realize their projects. The selected artists will then be given an exhibition opportunity during ArtPrize.

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GIF of the Day: Reading “25 Ways to Change the Art World” with Gillian Anderson Eye-Rolls

by Michael Anthony Farley on October 29, 2015


Earlier this week, Benjamin Genocchio posted “25 Ways to Change the Art World (for the Better)” on artnet News. While the list had some great suggestions, such as “Museums should devote more solo shows to female artists” or “Massively increase National Endowment for the Arts funding for artists”, many of the proposals seemed inexplicable or eye-roll inducing.

In fact, the average reader probably lacks the full range of incredulous facial expressions necessary to adequately convey their disbelief and/or irritation. To that end, I’ve delved into my collection of found GIFs of actress, activist, and art enthusiast Gillian Anderson—mistress of mysteries and skilled thespian who can communicate the broadest range of precise skepticisms with the subtlist of side-eyes. 

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bye felicia

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ArtPrize Recalibrates: A New $100,000 Juried Award and Other Changes Ahead

by Paddy Johnson on December 6, 2011
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Hot on the heels of yesterday’s Turner Prize announcement (Martin Boyce won), ArtPrize made public today a new, $100,000 dollar juried award. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the contest touts itself as the first “radically open, international art competition and social experiment”. Anyone artist can enter, and both the city and judges votes on art installed across the city. The citizens of Grand Rapids and beyond determine who wins $350,000 worth of prizes come 2012, including a grand prize worth $250,000. The juried prizes now total $200,000 and in addition to the $100,000 grand prize include the following categories; Two-Dimensional, Three-Dimensional, Time and Performance, Urban Space, Venue.

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[Sponsor] Call for Artists for ArtPrize, a Radically Open Art Competition

by Sponsors on May 24, 2011
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Artist registration is open now for the third annual ArtPrize. Part arts festival, part social experiment, part civic project, the event overtakes downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, bringing visitors in the hundreds of thousands.

Artists can register through June 16, but are encouraged to enter now as venues make their selections early! ArtPrize 2011 is September 21 to October 9.

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