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Looking at 3,000 GIFs in Twohundredandfiftysixcolors

by Paddy Johnson on October 6, 2014
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97 minutes straight of animated GIFs might be too much.

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AFC Sneak Peek: “twohundredfiftysixcolors”

by Corinna Kirsch on April 8, 2013
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The first full-length film about GIFs made up of GIFs premieres next week. The film isn’t available online just yet, but lucky for us—and you—AFC was given an exclusive preview, a section of “landscape” GIFs. It’s beautiful.

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Anything Jerry Saltz Can Do AFC Can Do Better: 33 Outstanding Artists Emerging After 1999, Part One of Three

by Paddy Johnson and Karen Archey on April 29, 2009

Jason Lazarus, Self portrait as an artist making something contemporary, 2004, 17 x 23 inches, archival ink jet. Observing a curatorial echo chamber privileging appropriation and conceptualism, art critic Jerry Saltz made his own list of artists engaging the plastic arts after 1999.  The writer selected nineteen women and fourteen men — thirty-three in total […]

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In Our Masthead: Jason Lazarus

by Art Fag City on March 19, 2009

Jason Lazarus, Art Fag City, Paddy Johnson, photography
Jason Lazarus, To Abdul Abdi (who everyday in Mogadishu, Somalia makes signs that read ‘Beautiful Mogadishu’ to remind citizens what has been lost, 2007, 30 x 34 inches

The subject of a photograph inevitably holds it’s own story, the role of photographer at its most base, simply to present it. Jason Lazarus, our featured masthead artist builds upon this tradition, creating work wherein the role of the artist — in as many forms as that can take — is presented and evaluated. “The hell-raiser, prophet, failure, historian”, his statement reads, listing off the possible roles of makers. He doesn’t mention owner of understated subversive acts, the form many of his pictures seem to take, but maybe he doesn’t have to. The slow photographic read of his work eventually does it for him, greatly rewarding any viewer.

This week in our masthead a far away figure holds up a sign for an unseen audience reading Beautiful Mogadishu. It’s a simple, elegant gesture likely meaning more to the sign’s owner than it does whomever happens to see it. Lazarus’ placement of the figure underscores the beauty the sign describes, while simultaneously exposing the absurdity that such messages represent the fringe of society.

Jason Lazarus, The entire three minute duration of the ‘America’s Answer’ fireworks package, $99.95, Independence Day 2007, 54×70 inches, archival inkjet

Artist’s Biography

Since receiving his MFA in 2003 from Columbia College Chicago, Jason has exhibited around the country and abroad. Highlights include solo exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art’s Emerging Artist series 12×12 New Artists/New Work in Chicago; Andrew Rafacz Gallery in Chicago; Kaune, Sudendorf Gallery in Cologne; and D3 Projects in Los Angeles. In addition, his work has been included in group exhibitions at the Renaissance Society in Chicago, Silverstein Gallery in NYC, The Future Gallery in Berlin, the Minneapolis Center of Photography, and the Australian Centre of Photography in Sydney.

Jason received an Artadia Artist grant in 2006 and the distinguished Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Emerging Artist grant in 2008. Currently, he is represented by the Andrew Rafacz Gallery in Chicago and Kaune, Sudendorf Gallery in Cologne, Germany.

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