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Support AFC and Bid on Works by Katherine Bradford, Ross Bleckner and more!

by The AFC Staff on April 14, 2017
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Let the bidding begin! The Art F City 12th anniversary paddle8 auction is live, which means you’ve got exactly two weeks to secure that work you love. Our auction closes April 28th, so be sure to watch it carefully!

Bid on fantastic works by Edgar Arceneaux, Trudy Benson, Ross Bleckner (selected by Joshua Abelow), Katherine Bradford, Erik Den Brejeen, Jessica Dickinson, David Humphrey, Emily Noelle Lambert, Sara Greenberger Rafferty, Michael Scoggins, and Mark Tribe.

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This Week’s Must-See Art Events: Immortalizing Bushwick

by Paddy Johnson and Michael Anthony Farley on September 26, 2016
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What a week ahead of us. It begins Monday with the first presidential debate, so naturally, we’ve got a conversation with artist and political hound Martha Rosler on Tuesday. Ostensibly, the conversation will cover Rosler’s career, but knowing her, a good portion will be dedicated to discussing the current political climate.

There’s plenty going on between now and Friday, but let’s face it: pretty much everything that falls over the weekend will take a sideline to Bushwick Open Studios. So, kick off your Friday with the beloved indie-pop band Lower Dens at Pioneer works and prepare to spend the rest of your time gallivanting around Bushwick. Expect to see crass real estate dealings and misguided beer sponsored art events, mitigated by inspiring artist-led exhibitions, performances and open studios.

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O / U at P! And Room East

by Rob Goyanes on August 11, 2016
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Two galleries, P! and Room East—located about five blocks from each other, respectively in Chinatown and the Lower East Side—came together for a group show titled O / U. That’s shorthand for “over-under,” which may refer to the sports wager where you bet on the combined score in a game. The text for the exhibition suggests it may also refer to “a complicated sexual position, a type of double barrel shotgun,” or the formal qualities of overprinting or undercutting. Of course, overall, it suggests that the conceptual layering is heaavy, though the two galleries are spare and clean and contemporary looking.

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This Week’s Must-See Art Events: Divine Interventions

by Paddy Johnson Paul Legault on March 10, 2015
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It’s officially nice out. Get out and go out.

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Mass Distractions & Cultural Decay at Mason Gross Galleries

by Paddy Johnson on October 21, 2011
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It’s not too often I have a chance to post about my alma mater at Rutgers, but it’s always nice to be able to tout a moment when they make me proud. Mass Distractions & Cultural Decay at Mason Gross Galleries is one such instance. A politically-themed exhibition about how information is disseminated through artistic practice, the show looks back at one revolution’s children, and forward at another. How has television, magazines, and radio informed the art making practices of artists in second half of the twentieth century? How does the Internet, social media and other digital technologies informed the art practices of today?

Based on a combination of personal recommendations, and compelling images and press release, I’ll be trekking down to New Brunswick, New Jersey this weekend to find out. There’s not much time — the show closes October 22nd — and includes artists such as Clifford Owens, Marc Handelman, Martha Rosler and Ardele Lister. I recommend that anyone else who can do the same. Some images and press release excerpts after the jump.

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Marc Handelman at Sikkema Jenkins

by Will Brand on April 14, 2011
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Marc Handelman Date: THURSDAY, MARCH 17TH 2011 – SATURDAY, APRIL 16TH 2011 Venue: Sikkema Jenkins & Co., 530 West 22nd Street AFC’s Rating: 6/10 (Will Brand) “Geological Sketches at Home and Abroad”, Marc Handelman’s current show at Sikkema Jenkins, tells us what we already knew: he’s a fantastic painter. In the “Dimension Stone” series that makes up most of the […]

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by Marc Handelman on August 28, 2009

[Editor’s Note: IMG MGMT is an annual image-based artist essay series. Today’s invited artist, Marc Handelman, lives andworks in Brooklyn, NY. He has exhibited his work at venues such as The Royal Academy of Arts, PS1 Contemporary, and the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art. He is represented by Sikkema Jenkins & Co. (NY), where he […]

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Anything Jerry Saltz Can Do AFC Can Do Better: 33 Outstanding Artists Emerging After 1999, Part Two of Three

by Paddy Johnson and Karen Archey on April 30, 2009

Kevin Bewersdorf, Babes, 2008. Observing a curatorial echo chamber privileging appropriation and conceptualism, art critic Jerry Saltz made his own list of artists engaging the plastic arts after 1999.  The writer selected nineteen women and fourteen men — thirty-three in total in keeping with the Younger Than Jesus triennial — none of whom have been in a Whitney […]

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