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This Week’s Must-See Art Events: Resisting Christmas is Futile

by Michael Anthony Farley and Rea McNamara on December 21, 2015
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As expected, there’s not much happening this week, with the exception of this Friday being the warmest 25th we’ve likely experienced in our lifetime. Worrying about rising global temperatures possibly segues nicely into Monday’s talk supporting an exhibition of Alberto Korda photography capturing Fidel Castro’s 1959 and 1960 US visits, given the recent thawing of US-Cuban foreign relations. Winter solstice on Tuesday inspires Magali Duzant’s live-streaming sunsets at Local Project Artist Space and a chance to get those artist-made gifts wrapped at the second edition of Aura Rosenberg and Cara Benedetto’s Wrapping Room at Shoot The Lobster. The expected slowdown really begins mid-week, but we got you covered with a Manoel de Oliviera MoMA screening, this week’s only opening (The Jew As The Other at Abrazo Interno) and a couple closings. Post-Christmas, we’re excited about Sunday’s Art School Acid Dropout, promising a drink-and-draw of comedy performers.

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