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NADA Slideshow: What We Liked

by Will Brand and Paddy Johnson on December 7, 2012
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Half the Lower East Side transplanted itself in Miami this week for NADA, so we decided to join them. We spent most of yesterday hanging out with the 70 plus international exhibitors at the fair, and have a slideshow with commentary to show for it. What we liked below.

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Recommended Bushwick Open Studio: Max Warsh

by Whitney Kimball on May 30, 2012
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Max Warsh’s collages are so fluidly integrated that the result seems to be a liquid, or a fine mesh. Architectural grids and gates are often woven with torn chunks of stone walls, or cut shapes are dispersed on paper like a floating puzzle. Warsh brings that sensibility to architectural photographs, as well; a brick staircase, or a cropped photo of a tree trunk next to a wall, are almost indistinguishable from collage.

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