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Thursday Links!

by Paddy Johnson on October 20, 2011

  • The blogosphere is questioning the wisdom of Occupy Museums. Isn’t it better to question the auctions, the art market, the anything but the Frick? More on that later in the day, but first a related link from Lisa Beck, who reminds me of 2009’s hot media story: the art market is more corrupt than the stock market! [Reuters] [IntelligenceSquared]
  • Holy shit: the Warhol Authentication Board is going to dissolve. “I don’t want to spend $7 million a year on lawyers,” Foundation president Joel Wachs said, referring to the amount paid by the foundation last year toward defending itself. [ArtInfo]
  • This week in Miguels: Curator Miguel Von Perez uses facebook like tumblr; his image updates are the best I’ve seen. [Facebook] Miguel Amado’s The Walls That Divide Us opens November 9th as part of apexart’s Unsolicited Proposals program. [ApexArt]
  • Kyle Chayka talks link rot. [artinfo]
  • “Defining the youngins” is a story that never seems to get old. And could there be anything more representative of 20-somethings than a Gchat with your sister? I’m pretty sure there is, but NYMag didn’t find it. [NYMag]
  • Jerry Saltz’s Work of Art wrap-up this week is pretty great, though perhaps I just like the use of the word douchebag. [NYMag]
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