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This Week’s Must-See Art Events: Reading is Fundamental

by Michael Anthony Farley on May 8, 2017
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Start your week off with a dose of Civil Rights history Monday at IFC, where fierce pussy is screening The Black Power Mixtape and Wednesday at ICP, where Hettie Jones will be talking about what Making America Great really looks like. Thursday, we’re looking forward to two book launches. Andrea McGinty will be releasing her Ah Yes Bad Things at Printed Matter and Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art is throwing a party to celebrate the catalog for their current exhibition Queer Threads. Friday night there are mysterious but promising exhibitions opening all over Brooklyn. Then it’s DUMBO open studios all weekend. End the week with a day trip to New Haven (seriously, it’s a painless train ride) where Bortolami’s ARTIST/CITY program has paired Tom Burr with a Marcel Breuer masterpiece that now finds itself surrounded by an IKEA parking lot.

The world is a strange and wondrous place. We’ll see you out in it.

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Covering The Waterfront: The DUMBO Gallery Round-Up Part 1

by Emily Colucci on October 6, 2016
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Can art thrive in the land of startups and $10 coffee? Neither is known to be particularly art friendly, so the question seemed relevant as I headed over to DUMBO. Dotting the neighborhood are several non-profits (and a few for-profit spaces), many of which are beneficiaries of the space subsidy program run by Two Trees, the largest (and arguably only) arts-friendly developer in the city. The program offers these spaces rents at reduced retail prices. (Disclaimer: Art F City is a space subsidy program participant.)

This fall, the proliferation of non-profits in the neighborhood hosts more than its share of politically oriented shows. Following my last gallery round-up in the West Village, I decided to cruise the Brooklyn waterfront on a Saturday afternoon to see what these non-profits to offer for their fall shows. And I was not disappointed. Here’s what I found:

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