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An Interview with Phoebe Founder Alex Ebstein

by Michael Anthony Farley on March 31, 2016
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At the end of January, artist/critic/curator Alex Ebstein opened Phoebe, a new gallery in Baltimore that focuses on work by female-identified artists. I chatted with Alex about the importance of spaces for women artists, the challenges and rewards of being a gallerist in Baltimore, and Virginia Poundstone’s upcoming solo exhibition, which opens at the Phoebe this Saturday.

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We Went to Baltimore: You Should Too (Part One)

by Paddy Johnson Whitney Kimball and Michael Farley on April 12, 2013
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The New York art world may run on cash and glitz, but emerging artists usually don’t. So we’ve been looking around lately to see what it’s like where the money never was to begin with. This week, we went to Baltimore, where the people are still weird, the space is still cheap, the work is still exciting. Let me tell you, the grass is a whole lot greener. May New York never figure that out.

In part one, we visit NUDASHANK’s Conor Backman show, Gallery Four’s Lisa Dillin exhibition, and Sophia Jacob’s Harrison Tyler gallery take-over with writer, artist, curator, and hands-down, best-ever Baltimore tour guide, Michael Farley.

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(e)merge and The Washington/Baltimore Divide

by Paddy Johnson on October 5, 2012
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“This fair isn’t about making money” (e)merge art fair co-owner Helen Allen told me last night. According to Allen, it’s more about building community, a point evident in the attendees. Walking through the halls of the Capital Skyline Hotel in Washington took several hours last night, as everyone seemed to know everyone. (e)merge is the definition of a community-based fair.

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Art Fag City at The L Magazine: How An Art Blog Became A Gallery

by Paddy Johnson on June 22, 2011
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Art Blog Art Blog is an unusual name for a temporary exhibition space. Founded by artist Joshua Abelow, and named after his blog, the new gallery is located in painter Ross Bleckner‘s studio in Chelsea. Bleckner spends about half the year working in Sagaponack, so he’s donated his space to Abelow through October 29.

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