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September Preview Week: Outlying Art Events You Need To See

by Whitney Kimball on September 6, 2012
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Though there’s too much to possibly visit in Chelsea alone, at least a few events in Brooklyn, Soho, and Uptown should make your must-see list. Creative Time’s sent some art to space, the Brooklyn Museum is organizing hundreds of open studios across the borough, and at least one event requires 3-D glasses. Also this month, check out shows at Marian Goodman, Tibor de Nagy, Venus Over Manhattan, the Swiss Institute, and Gavin Brown.

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A Not-Worksafe End to Peter Coffin’s Sneak into a Museum Project!

by Karen Archey on August 24, 2009

POST BY KAREN ARCHEY Sean Capone‘s “Universal approach to getting in anywhere you want” While the above image may represent our favorite drawing of Peter Coffin’s “Sneak into a Museum Without Paying” project, it also depicts exactly what you SHOULDN’T do! I’m not just referring to doing blow off your coworker’s dick! Unfortunately, the submission […]

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Reminder! Art Fag “Moneybags” City Invites You to Sneak into a Museum with Peter Coffin!

by Karen Archey on August 12, 2009

POST BY KAREN ARCHEY AFC Editor-in-Chief Paddy Johnson, Self portrait as Moneybags Johnson 2009. Ink on paper Don’t forget to send your submission for Peter Coffin’s “Sneak into a Museum” project! As we’ve only received a handful of submissions, we’re extending our deadline for another week to Friday, August 21st. Is your lackluster response because […]

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Anything Jerry Saltz Can Do AFC Can Do Better: 33 Outstanding Artists Emerging After 1999, Part Two of Three

by Paddy Johnson and Karen Archey on April 30, 2009

Kevin Bewersdorf, Babes, 2008. Observing a curatorial echo chamber privileging appropriation and conceptualism, art critic Jerry Saltz made his own list of artists engaging the plastic arts after 1999.  The writer selected nineteen women and fourteen men — thirty-three in total in keeping with the Younger Than Jesus triennial — none of whom have been in a Whitney […]

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