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Girl Power Is Back: Top 10 Shows For Women In 2016

by Emily Colucci on December 21, 2016
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Despite the misogynistic horror of Donald Trump’s campaign and eventual election victory, 2016 was a great year for women in the art. There were compelling solo exhibitions by women artists in major institutions, a copious list of all-women group shows and dynamic revivals of unfairly overlooked female artists’ careers. It seems like 2016 marked the return of much-needed 1990’s-style “girl power.”

Granted, there’s still a long way to go for equal representation, particularly for women artists of color. But, hopefully, this is just the beginning. To celebrate this year’s exciting and timely return to feminism, I selected the ten best shows featuring women in 2016. Results below:

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Carolee Schneemann’s Body Is A Battlefield At PPOW Gallery and Galerie Lelong

by Emily Colucci on November 21, 2016
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A week after the election, women’s bodies are a battleground yet again. Donald Trump hinted at overturning Roe v. Wade on 60 Minutes and Paul Ryan thought birth control was a “nitty-gritty detail” of the dismantlement of the Affordable Care Act. This isn’t even taking into consideration the pussy-grabbing rhetoric of the campaign. With President-elect Trump and a Republican majority in Congress, women–like many diverse populations–feel newly under siege.

This danger to women’s health and civil liberties inadvertently breathes new life into art that engages with the female body and its subjugation. While using the body, in the recent past, may have felt like Feminism 101, art now needs to reflect and reject this patriarchal threat. Feminist art stalwart Carolee Schneemann achieves just that in her dual exhibitions Further Evidence–Exhibit A at PPOW Gallery and Further Evidence–Exhibit B at Galerie Lelong. In these dual shows, Schneemann depicts the female body as contested, controlled and imprisoned. And it couldn’t feel more timely.

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Sugar Shock: An Interview With Jessica Stoller

by Emily Colucci on July 15, 2016
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Dainty and delicate, porcelain is not the typical medium for radical feminist art. However, Brooklyn-based artist Jessica Stoller’s porcelain sculptures seem closer to Karen Finley’s chocolate sauce-drenched performances than precious Royal Doulton figurines.

Depicting oozing glaze, dripping sickeningly sweet confections, rippling flesh and cavorting nudes, Stoller’s sculptures shatter the normally quaint porcelain subject matter. She subverts long held standards of female beauty, consumption and femininity by using this historically charged medium to portray the grotesque.

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We Went to Chelsea: Why Isn’t Every Show Hermaphroditic Squid?

by The AFC Staff on January 4, 2013
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The new year and the lingering effects of Hurricane Sandy mean that much of Chelsea won’t be open for another week or two. In the meantime, we’re seeing what we can. Here’s our report from 20th through 22nd Streets.

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SEVEN: The Fair We Enjoy

by Will Brand on December 8, 2012
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There’s not much point in comparing SEVEN, the boothless, 7-gallery satellite fair in Miami’s Wynwood district, to Art Basel Miami Beach. It has no roving carts of champagne, no collectors’ lounge, and no dealers with hungry eyes sitting watch over their wares. When we visited for their party on Thursday, there was a distressing lack of Diddy. The attitude there—and we say this every year—is simply different.

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Sarah Frost: Arsenal at PPOW

by Will Brand on April 20, 2011
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Sarah Frost: Arsenal Date: THURSDAY, APRIL 14TH 2011 – SATURDAY, MAY 14TH 2011 Venue: P.P.O.W, 511 West 25th Street, Room 301 AFC’s Rating: 4/10 (Will Brand) The bulk of “Arsenal”, Sarah Frost’s first show at PPOW, is hanging from the ceiling. Frost was inspired by the YouTube community of users—mostly young boys—posting how-to videos showing how to make working guns […]

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