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Recommended GO Brooklyn Studio: Takeshi Yamada

by The AFC Staff on September 6, 2012
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If you flipped through the GO website at all, chances are you stopped at Takeshi Yamada’s page. So many great things here: the all-business headshot; the Coney Island hometown; the Renaissance-style murals of mythical creatures; the taxidermied sea rabbit; and the conjoined twin Mona Lisa with an added Takeshi Yamada head.

We found out that Takeshi is an acclaimed taxidermist (part of the society of Minnesota Rogue Taxidermists with Nate Hill), he’s taught at the Museum of Natural History, his work has been exhibited worldwide, and he boasts a highly impressive honors and awards list. He’s been awarded the keys to both New Orleans and Gary, Indiana. He’s a fan of old tuxedos as casual wear. Obviously, we needed to talk to this guy.

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The Art Fag City Emerging Artist Summer Series: The Art of Tara Giannini

by Art Fag City on July 22, 2006

I locate beauty in the grotesque and the gaudy as well as in the elegant and graceful. I focus on the particular facet of beauty that deals with the macabre, and highlights the fragile and transient beauty of death and the passage of time. Embracing overindulgence, visual complexity and ornamentation, my works employ a wealth […]

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