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Best Link Ever: Rap Board

by Ian Marshall on July 12, 2013
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We’ve all had our share of internet soundboards, but this one is better than any other we’ve seen in our history of forever. Let us present The Rap Board, your home for iconic rap sound bites that range from the Gucci Mane “yeaaa!” to the Lil Jon “YYEAA-YUH”. Every sound is organized alphabetically by rapper (find all your classic Puff Daddy and P Diddy sounds filed under “Diddy”). Lil Wayne has nine sounds, and we should all be grateful. On the other hand, Will Smith has more sounds on this board than Kanye West, which really isn’t fair given the range of weird noises that grace Yeezus. We all need to complain to the Internet Gods over that injustice.

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