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MATTE: Stephen Frailey, “I just publish what I want to.”

by Matthew Leifheit on December 24, 2013
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Stephen Frailey is a photographer, chair of SVA’s photography BFA program, and editor-in-chief of Dear Dave, an independent magazine that brings together any and all types of photography.

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MATTE: Vince Aletti, “Something Soulful”

by Matthew Leifheit on October 16, 2013
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Vince Aletti has been allotted more firsts (and almost firsts) in his life than the average person. He was the first person to write about disco. He was one of the first writers to exclusively focus on photography shows in New York. He is the only person to have penned, “This is Not a Fashion Photo” a regular column in W Magazine, where he choses pictures that look like they were made for a fashion publication but weren’t. It’s all part of his interest in niche culture, photography and fashion. I sat down with Aletti to talk about how he’s spent the last forty years studying, curating and reporting on culture.

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