Ugo Nonis, a Supplementary Biography

Ugo Nonis, Image via Poptower

Ugo Nonis is a hot French guy who started as a designer, only made his foray into art about six years ago, has been in three minor group shows, and exclusively makes Keith Haring patterns as his fine art.  We've heard rumors that he used to date Nicole Nadeau from last year's show. Coincidence?


Ugo has had three minor shows in California. According to his website, he’s having a solo show in L.A. in December.


It seems Ugo is a fairly successful art director/graphic designer-turned-art-dabbler.  He only took an interest in art six years ago, and it looks like he's been making Keith Haring patterns ever since.  This is too bad, considering his commercial animations show a lot more life and versatility, and he’s remarkably good at getting hot girls to give him money, whilst posing nude. The patterns appear on iPhone cases, laptop cases, and skateboards, which can be purchased through his website.

Ugo Norris, UNO., oil paint marker on canvas, 30x48", 2009


Ugo Nonis is a hot French guy who exclusively makes Keith Harring patterns.  We're guessing the show needed a hot French guy.


The Frog Prince.


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