Art F City Debuts Cloaque, a Football Field-Sized Printed Tumblr

Cloaque2 Image detail: Mo Marie, “Base” on
December 4th to December 8th, 2013
Ocean Drive and 12 Street, Miami Beach,
Booth B28

BROOKLYN, NY: Art F City is pleased to announce the second iteration of their benefit portfolio series “AFC Editions,” which editions a 256-foot-long print of the Tumblr Cloaque, along with a PDF and HTML of the Tumblr. The project contains the work of 36 artists, and is conceived and run by Carlos Saez and Claudia Mate. All digital material is contained on a luxury Mobiado USB drive crafted from a single piece of sapphire crystal, and is available at the Art F City booth at UNTITLED., December 4-8, 2013.

Hard on the heels of the success and energy that defined Phillips’s first auction of digital art this October, Art F City will make Cloaque available to a new and growing market. Cloaque utilizes the endlessly scrolling format of Tumblr to bind together custom art works submitted to the site by artists around the world. The Tumblr continues in the tradition of the exquisite corpse format in which one person begins the artwork and another completes it, proceeding in their own direction. Each artist retains their stylistic stamp, but there is an aesthetic rhythm and vertical momentum to the the work unmistakably set in motion by Saez and Mate, who create the transitions between pieces and curate the submissions into a meaningful whole.

Cloaque will be sold as an editioned work in both physical and digital formats. The full print is about as long as a football field. Because of its enormous size, Cloaque will be hung in the form of a scroll that viewers can browse, and will come with digital copies housed on Sapphire USB drives by Mobiado. The drive will contain all artworks in multiple formats to ensure the works archivability as well as provide collectors a variety of display options. What we are offering collectors is the opportunity to own a physical snapshot of this ever-growing work, which will continue to expand and evolve with its creators.

Participating artists include: Carlos Saez, Ian Aleksander Adams, Aischa, Fama De America, Anthony Antonellis, Kim Asendorf, Michaël Borras aka Systaime, Blinkinggirls (Sadie Weis and Emilie Gervais), Kutay Cengil, Lenticular Clouds, Devicers, Oleg Dubrovsky, Carol^Error, Ey!magateen, Manuel Fernandez, Emilio Gomariz, Isaacymanu, Georges Jacotey, Kyunghee Jwa, Rollin Leonard, Michael Manning, Mo Marie, Claudia Mate, Matrixxman, Brian Metcalf, Lorna Mills, Martin Nicolausson, Eva Papamargariti, Tomas Pena, Roberto Piqueras, Dominik Podsiadly, Lorena Prain, Eme Rock, Nicolas Sassoon, Alan Schaffer, Sebastian Thewes, Chris Timms, Clement Valla, Michael Willis, Bryce Wilner, YNTBP.

Creative Directors: Rhett Jones and Paddy Johnson

Mechanism: Matteo Ames

Proceeds from the sale will support Art F City. For information on how to view works or purchase a drive please contact

About AFC Editions 
Conceived as a series of curated benefit portfolios, AFC Editions is an ongoing project in which Art F City presents under-recognized work by artists that deserve greater exposure. As a non-profit organization, Art F City is dedicated to highlighting emerging artists and critical writers by exposing them to a broader and underserved audience through informed, straightforward discussion. AFC Editions is just one of many commission-based projects that Art F City produces in addition to its daily online art publication at

About Tumblr 
Tumblr is a media network powered by an army of independent creators and home to an audience of more than 300 million unique visitors. Founded by David Karp in 2007, Tumblr is headquartered in New York City.

Partnership with Tumblr 
Since its humble beginnings, Tumblr has been a major tipping point for the creative possibilities of crowdsourcing and curation. Millions of people have deemed themselves creators and proceeded to put their unique spin on the practice. AFC is proud to be partnering with Tumblr to bring Cloaque to Untitled, the only individually-curated art fair taking place during Miami Art Basel.

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