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by Art Fag City on October 14, 2005 Events

AFC’s art opening to-do list for the weekend:

Friday October 14
(Group Shows)

Smack Mellon Studios: Multiplex 2
Dumbo Brooklyn
Visiting Smack Melon is sort of like going to a good dive bar. Not too much pretention, and a smaller number of high faluters in the crowd. The gallery looks a little run down for my taste, but their multimedia shows tend to be good.

(Solo Shows)

Periogi 2000: Daniel Zeller “Cyclical Redundance” Gallery 1, Lynn Talbot “Paintings” Gallery II
Williamsburg Brooklyn
If you like work new works on paper…
Periogi seems to have every artist in Brooklyn in their flatfiles. While greater descrimination might be in order, they do tend to show good stuff from time to time. It doesn’t look like the Zeller work is going to be a show stopper, but it’s decent.

Friedrich Petzel Gallery: Troy Brauntuch
22nd Street, Chelsea
This opening has been listed mostly for curiosity. Friedrich Petzel hasn’t put together a good show in a while, and perhaps they don’t see the need since their neighbors Feigen have been have setting low standards for several years.

Jack Shainman Gallery: Tim Bavington
20th Street, Chelsea
Bavington makes nice looking paintings. Jack Shainman is known for having good shows and expensive catalogues…The gallery gets points with AFC for carrying bad ass Canadian artists like Michael Snow and John Oswald.

Saturday October 15,
(Group Shows)

Smack Melon Studios: Open Studios
Dumbo Brooklyn
If you are an artist and are thinking of applying for a Smack Melon Studio, this would be a good event to attend. It’s always good to know what last years selections were when putting together an application for money and studio space.

(Solo Shows)

Gavin Brown Enterprises: Jonathan Horowitz, The New Communism
25th Street, Chelsea
This gallery isn’t as good as it used to be, but is still worth checking out. The Jonathan Horowitz show of 2000, at the very least has memorable video clips going for it such as “I think I have AIDS 1988-1993”, which leads one to believe that the new work might be interesting.

Pace Wildenstein: Keith Tyson, Geno Peno
25th Street, Chelsea
Well, you’ll be in the area…I’m not going to go so far as to recommend the show.

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