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Donors of every size help keep our criticism machine lubricated. AFC receives the bulk of its funding through fundraising events and grants, but those sources have their limits: grants are generally project-based, and therefore don’t pay for continuing costs like server fees and staff salaries, while organizing fundraisers distracts us from our mission. Your donations let us keep the lights on while focusing on what we do best, and for that we’re eternally grateful. Pick a tier below, and then click through to Paypal to make a tax-deductible donation through the New York Foundation for the Arts.

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“New York’s Best Art Blog” — The Village Voice

“New York’s Best Art Blog” — Times Online

“What you do is great, if somewhat misguided” — Adam Lindemann

Over 60,000 influential art collectors, curators, critics, bloggers, art professionals, cultural influencers and urban professionals visit Art Fag City each month.

Awarded the first Creative Capital grant for blogging in 2009, AFC covers contemporary art made in New York City with a particular focus on new media and emerging artists through a mix of art reviews, news, and culture commentary. Our stories are regularly picked up by other blogs and mainstream press such as ARTINFO, Fox News, and the New York Times.

Serving over 150,000 pageviews each month, Art Fag City is a critical stop for New York City’s art world.

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