Well, He’s Not Dead…

by Art Fag City on December 1, 2005 Events

The Whitney released their call sheet for the 2006 Biennial, and it is one interesting cast of characters indeed. They’ve gone all international and shit this year, and for the Canadian contingent have invited art star Michael Snow.* The man is probably the right choice over the “on-fire” Canadian sound artists Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller, if for no other reason than he’s going to be dead soon, (this comment is based on the fact that he’s 76. Ageist activists can direct all hate mail to artfagcity@gmail.com). In addition to the compelling argument noted above for Snow’s inclusion, he is one of those artists, who as an infant was probably already considering the artistic possibilities of his baby puke. The man is incredibly prolific, which is important for artists like him because his work is rather uneven (ten years of “Walking Woman” works, can’t all be good).

It should also be noted, that the man of the tree stump and conch, Matthew Day Jackson, has also been included in the Biennial. Look forward to AFC’s first exclusive interview with this artist next week. Oh, Good times at AFC!

*AFC is unapologetic in it’s love for Canadiana. Slanted posting to continue.

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