New Year Observation: People Move

by Art Fag City on January 2, 2006 Events

Well, last week sucked at AFC, but you can be assured that having a reliable Internet connection is a priority over here. At this point living without it requires a dose of Subutex to quell withdrawal symptoms. Thankfully, Optimum Online is a cheap hit, so these problems will not be an issue at our New York offices.

In light of my renewed connection speed, I should probably start off or end the year by putting together some sort of top ten shows of the year or reviews of reviewers of top ten shows. Unfortunately, after a day of reading endless lists, my interest in this sort of shit is already waning. I give you all a firm commitment of “maybe later”.

To usher in the New Year at AFC we begin with the observation that art organizations move from time to time. That’s right, proving that we are all about excitement here, we issue a heads up notice to readers about two gallery/not-for-profit relocations we happen to like quite a bit.

Printed Matter

If you’ve been looking for an art book but can’t find one any where in the city it’s because Printed Matter has relocated. Now at 195 Tenth Avenue at 22nd Street, the new store is twice the size and is complete with day-glo pink counter tops. Reading in pink glow has been the dream of ten year old girls every where, and now art enthusiasts get to share that glory. Why didn’t someone think of these counter tops earlier?

Foxy Production

This gallery has moved to 617 West 27th, and AFC approves. There is no getting used to the munchkin door, that was their front entrance at 547 West 27th street, so it’s not going to take much to make an improvement on that. I’d post a picture of the door, but surprisingly, they haven’t done much advertisement with their old store front. The gallery will open their space with a solo show by Jacob Ciocci of Paper Rad. I predict good things for this show based on their “dirt-style” website alone.

***Photo Update*** Bloggy was kind enough to send me a photo of the Foxy Production door originally posted here. It’s hard to get a sense of the scale from the photo, but his orginal post does make a good point – the awning looks good.

I guess you will just have to take my word that you have to be an anorexic Tim Burton character to be appropriately sized to the door.

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