The Stuff of Art News: Piss, Hammers and Colored Up-Chuck.

by Art Fag City on January 9, 2006 Events

In what appears to be an ongoing effort to mention MTAA-RR in every post this month, I would like to direct you to their excellent titling skills demonstrated this Saturday: Dipshit Attacks Urinal. Performance artist Pierre Pinoncelli, reportedly dropped the pissing into the Duchamp urinal aspect of his work first demonstrated in 1993, and settled for just hammering at the thing.

Backing T.Whid's claim that physically attacking art is indeed tired, let us remember an equally infantile performance in 1996, where in 22 year old art student Jubal Brown, ate foods of a particular palette, and than intentionally threw up on paintings he felt to be sub par. The “legitimizing” aspect of this work was supposed to be the fact that he did not use a finger to induce vomiting, but rather that the work itself was enough to illicit the physical response. A Mondrian at New York’s Museum of Modern Art was hit with blue barf, and a Dufy at the AGO was splattered with red up chuck, before the media caught wind of it. The Ontario College of Art and Design decided not to punish Brown, but the general consensus among the Musuems was that this was an act of vandalism, not performance art. Even in the name of art this kind of shit is about as intellectually challenging as an episode of Cops.

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