Thursday Openings in Chelsea: A Big Evening For Art Star Fuckers

by Art Fag City on January 13, 2006 Events

I’ve never not seen so much art in my life. Chelsea was a fucking zoo yesterday night. I ran into William Petroni, the new associate director of Sean Kelly Gallery on my way into Chelsea, who shortly into our conversation interupted me to note that “luminary after luminary” had passed by. Of course, whomever these people are, I didn’t meet them. The closest I came was walking past a throng of women who were discussing who their mothers used as stylists. Perhaps Deitch Projects can do a sequel to their current documentary on artists, and profile these collectors. Reality television will remain exactly the same.

I also did not meet Chuck Close, but I did manage to get this truely horrible photograph of him at Paul Kasmin Gallery. The shot hardly constitutes news, but I suppose if you have been trying to keep track of what the man does in his spare time, you can add this opening to the list.

Shortly after visiting Paul Kasmin Gallery I arrived at Foxy Production and immediately deemed it to be the hippest scene in Chelsea. And not in that I’m too cool for you hip way. AFC *loves* Foxy. I don’t want to be redundant, but if you haven’t made it over to bloggy, you may not know that they also unveiled their new website designed by Artcat.

The work of Jacob Ciocci of Paper Rad is currently on display at Foxy. I asked Jacob a few questions at Thursday nights opening, but they are almost too boring to repeat.

AFC: How long have you been working on this stuff?
JC: Six months for the large installation, two months for the smaller works.
AFC: You’ve been pretty busy this year. You have a show running concurrently at Pace right?
JC: Yeah, that show was a really great opportunity for us, because we were able to work with a much larger budget.
AFC: Okay, well thanks Jacob.

Yes, the news never stops here at AFC.

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