AFC Digs the Jewish Museum

by Art Fag City on January 26, 2006 Events

It looks like The Jewish Museum has some great exhibitions planned for the future. Like any good art nerd, I was trying to figure out if I would have to travel to The Hammer Museum in LA to see Masters of American Comics, and it turns out if I wait a year, the show will come to me. So for those of you who schedule your art events eight months in advance consider this a heads up; come September 15th, Masters of American Comics will be at The Jewish Museum.

If you can’t plan more than a day or two in advance, you can always go see the Sarah Bernahrdt exhibition the museum currently has on view, though personally I’m much more interested in their show opening March 1st, Homecooked: Video by Guy Ben-Ner, Silvia Gruner, and Ohad Meromi. The show brings together three artists whose work uses low-tech aesthetics and meager materials, and references cinema, theater and music.

Ben-Ner and Meromi are both graduates of Columbia University, which now appears to be the art star factory that UCLA was to the 90’s. Many of the artists who come out of Columbia deserve the attention they are getting, so the fact that these two guys did their Masters there is worth at least mentioning. Ben-Ner in particular, is reason to see the show. Whether or not you like work that integrates studio practice with family life (and having seen several of his videos I can say that I don’t), it must be said that his work is always thoroughly considered and well thought out. The video included in the show, Wild Boy, pays hommage to film concepts like Lumière, slapstick wit of Keaton and Chaplin, and the New Wave cinema of Truffaut. You may not get everything that’s in the work, but it may inspire you to find out.

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