William Pope L. Seeks Sexy Crew Mate With Mag Light: A Miss Black Factory Contest Open Call

by Art Fag City on February 21, 2006 Events

Care to tour around the country with one of the most important Black performance artists of the century? If so, opportunity is at your door. Well, that is assuming you’ve got any talent and you can sell it to Mr. Pope L. The artist has placed a call on his website soliciting interested parties (male and female) to apply to be a crew member in his national spring performance tour, The Black Factory.

The project is best described as a grass roots performance effort or Agit Prop theatre where by the choice of locations and evolution of performance grows somewhat organically. As such there are stops in the tour where no performance will occur, and the interest of the artist is primarily historical, and other locations where audience members will be recruited through flyers and word of mouth. As a member of the crew, the person selected for the job would be collaborating with the artist on his projects, in addition to, you know, fixing toilet problems and shit. Of course, even if you do end up with the title sewage-boy for the tour (which isn’t entirely out of the realm of possiblity, given Pope L’s body of work), you can console yourself with the fact that because the Canon makes a point of forgetting black history in the first place, chances are the sewage boy will be too*. Call closes March 13.

*I am aware that the statement “one of the most important black artists of the century” indicates that Pope L at least, will probablity not be forgotten so please don’t send me a million emails about this. My point is merely that the numbers are against this.

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