Mimicking A News Flash

by Art Fag City on February 24, 2006 Events

Blogger Todd Gibson wrote an excellent post today titled News Flash: Curators are not Artists Today, which outlines the masturbatory practice of curating today. Who are these people who take no risk and receive as much, if not more, glory for what are often ill conceived projects? Apparently, they are the curatorial staff of the Whitney Biennial.

On another Biennial note, you would think there was an overt curatorial effort to ensure that this show continues to have no benefit to any artist’s career. By refusing to acknowledge skilled commercially successful artists, such as Dana Schutz (who was passed up again this year for the Biennial), it is hard to make a good case that the show is a representative cross section of excellence within the field of art making. This coupled with the fact that there are all of four artists who exclusively work with paint in a show of over one hundred artists makes one wonder if there might not be a curatorial bias at work.*

*This number has not been substantiated by the Whitney, although they have been contacted about this.

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