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by Art Fag City on March 2, 2006 Events

Admittedly, this space should probably be taken up with a Biennial review, but that will have to wait until I actually get there. For whatever comments from the friends of Art Fag City are worth, word on the street is that the show sucks. Rumors like this aren’t too much of a surprise given that the last decent Biennial was in 2000, and lead one to think that perhaps the Whitney should revisit the six person curatorial team concept that brought success to that year. But whatever. I will have a real opinion on the Whitney shortly and will report. In the mean time, Bloggy has a great post on the Biennial, and Heart As Arena took a number of pictures during the press preview, including the one reposted here. In addition to this Joao Ribas spoke with Whitney curators Chrissie Iles & Philippe Vergne, on Art Info, and asked some very pertinent questions. More on their answers to come…

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