Special Report: There is a Hole

by Art Fag City on March 8, 2006 Events

Yesterday I received a special scientific report from the feminist collective Brainstormers detailing the effects of a giant hole in the earths aesthetic atmosphere. God only knows what this is, but according to the study cold weather caused by the hole is negatively effecting “the female primate artist who continues to exhibit the inability to exhibit”.

The report is part of a larger publication put out by The Brainstormers, Gallery Guide Chelsea Issue Vo. I, and as a resource the guide is endlessly fascinating. The pamphlet breaks down the numbers of female to male representation in countless Chelsea galleries, providing a graphic key that indicts all your favorite galleries. As a companion to their guide, the Brainstormers will launch a stats section later on in the week, that will keep up to date records on the ratio of gender representation within the major New York Galleries.

This subject matter, in conjuction with images that recall an aesthetic first seen in the underground art collective started in the eighties, Church of the Subgenius, provides a very interesting backdrop to the work. Subgenius, a group which notably reveled in it’s masculinity, depicting women primarily to show their tits or express an interest in sex, is about as comic book, art-boy nerd as you get. Whether or not the Brainstormers were aware of this group during the making of this project, the formal qualities of this work assert a presence within a subculture that has long been male dominated.

I spoke to the group yesterday about the publication illustration above and to your right yesterday, as well as the larger efforts they have planned for the week. In addition to the Gallery Guide, the group has just released a video called The Weather Report, which although uneven has some great moments of hilarity, and will be performing their piece How Good Are You? Saturday March 11, across from Pier 90 from 12-5. I predict the media will be very interested in their work, in particular, The Anonymous Female Artist.

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