The Most 2006 Art Moment of 2006

by Art Fag City on March 17, 2006 Events

From the The New York Post Page Six comes this latest Finch Jewel:

A THIEF hit the Armory Show last weekend. Of the hundreds of artworks on display at the piers, only one piece went missing: the head of art critic Charlie Finch from a cookie jar sculpture by Elliott Arkin titled, “Charlie Finch Eating Mary Boone.” Boone, of course, is a top art dealer. The sculpture shows the Falstaffian Finch gnawing on the petite brunette’s right arm. A collector of Arkin’s work has offered a $2,500 reward for the capture and return of the head.

In light of the recent Finch debate, it’s hard to imagine a more 2006 thievery operation than this.

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