A Report From the AFC Blogrolling Policy Development Group

by Art Fag City on May 3, 2006 Events

There are few things duller than the subject of blogrolls and blogging policy, so I will make this short. I have updated the blogroll/links section once again, and have added a number of new sites so do take a look to your left because there’s some good stuff up there. If you think I have missed someone, by all means let me know, as the links section of this blog are intended to be used as a resource. If you are glad you have been added to the blogroll but wish I had sent out a special AFC shout out when you were added, tough luck. Posts such as these serve a good purpose when coming from a site like Kottke.org, but it doesn’t mean I don’t find them intensely boring to read. As such, this is the first and (hopefully) the last post you will have to read on AFC about our blogroll policy.

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