The Aspiring Lee Walton Meme

by Art Fag City on June 6, 2006 Events

Ask yourself the following questions and then pass this on to your five closest friends.

Do you like Art?
[Sample answer provided by AFC]

Do you like Beer?
[Sample answer provided by AFC]

What is the craziest Lee Walton inspired online activity you have participated in?
[Sample answer provided by AFC]
Watch Paddy Johnson sit down at her computer 100 times over the course of 100 days?

Answer any of the above questions and you qualify to be part of the new myspace Lee Walton Fan Club. Who is that guy, you ask? Only the coolest experimentalist in the world, that’s who. Want to watch Lee Walton play 18 holes of golf taking only one shot a day? Sure you do! And if that tickles your fancy, why not see him compete with Shaquille O’Neal in a season long free throw competition? Admittedly, this may be over kill on sporting events but don’t worry. Lee also sits.

Speaking of “strenuous” activity, as far as membership responsibilities go, this club has been HOT so far. No membership fees, no monthly meetings, only the occasional nagging voice reminding me that evil Rupert Murdock owns myspace. Whatever. Beer solves that problem, and come on – it’s not like your soul is much price to pay for the love of Lee.

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Nathaniel Stern
and oh yes, Gawker.

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