The Influence of Queen Bees

by Art Fag City on July 12, 2006 Events

In case you thought you could finally stop reading about art fairs because it is summer so nobody is buying shit, Scope Hamptons proves you wrong. Thursday marks the gala opening of this socialite affair, which is an event of interest to Art Fag City despite our better judgment. Part of this has to do with the apparent incongruity of creating programming which supports artists who work outside of the gallery system (in addition to the standard object oriented artists), in a local known for its frivolity. This isn't to say it can't be done, but one has to wonder how successful attempts to help members of the great unwashed masses in the Hamptons can possibly be.*

Putting aside the buying habits of rich folk (who according some Art Basel Switzerland participants aren't purchasing as much as anticipated), the reason to be interested in Scope Hamptons is this: it is their first fair launched with the full changes in management in effect. I know this sounds boring as fuck, but let's face it, directors and staff have a significant effect on the success of a fair. I recently spoke with the president of Scope Alexis Hubshman, who explained that he is now the only male in a hive of “queen bees”. I suppose offices run by women isn't such a new concept, but in light of a renewed interest in the influence women that are having on the art world, Scope now offers a very tangible example of this agency. Of course, ultimately the success or failure of Scope rests on Hubshman's shoulders, but the larger picture here is that his actions would seem to suggest that he feels his partnership with women holds the greatest promise.

*I am aware that many artists are wealthy to begin with; my point is merely that Scope makes an effort to provide financial support to those who actually need it.

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