Readers Contain Excitement When Museum Blogs About Old Paint

by Art Fag City on July 24, 2006 Events

Image copyright of The Brooklyn Museum

Blog readers brace yourself for Monday’s breaking news: The Brooklyn Museum has just informed me they have a blog.

Stop hovering your mouse over your browser’s back button. This is less important than anything else you could be reading right now – which should be appealing to those who would like mornings to fuck off and the rest of us who just don’t feel like doing anything yet. I will only take up a minute of your surfing time to say that the blog is about the Museums conservation of the Statue of Liberty replica and that it could be interesting were it not for the fact that it’s not. It’s been inactive for close to two months, and is full of such exciting posts as: Painting has Begun, Painting Continues, Primer is Complete. Do judge a blog by its title.

Related/More interesting: Thinking this blog was rather specialized, I did a google search to find comparible blogs. This yielded the best example of niche blogging I have seen in a while: Welcome lowercase L, a site dedicated to the critique of handwritten signs that use uppercase except for the letter L.

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