New Media: Why It Doesn’t Suck

by Art Fag City on August 11, 2006 Events

The above is a title of an informal lecture I will be giving shortly to art professionals who frequently ask me to explain why New Media doesn’t suck. I may not be able to provide compelling answers to this question on my own, but that’s why we have online communities such as Rhizome. This organization really doesn’t suck.

For example, you can always complain about the lack of good exhibitions during the summer, but you really can’t do the same for Internet art this year thanks to Rhizome’s Tenth Anniversary Festival. Wednesday the online arts organization officially launched this seven month monster bash, with a special color coded festival webpage all in reds and oranges. Technically 10th anniversary colors are supposed to be blue or silver, but Art Fag City acknowledges that this is really more of a birthday for Rhizome than it is anniversary, and also that nobody gives a shit particularly because the design for the festival is great.

What fruits does this Rhizome celebration bring? 1. Keylines, a series of online discussions about new media which begin with a “seed post” and develop from there. 2. Time Shares, a series of online exhibits curated by Rhizome. 3. Events Calendar, The best example of effective color coding on the web we have seen this year. It is also a series of performances, discussions etc, that compliment and enrich Rhizomes online program.

Not satisfied with the answer to Why New Media Doesn’t Suck? That’s too bad, because you’ll have to wait until Monday for a complete write up on this subject.

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